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Why your website needs testimonials

There are several must-haves on any business website – an optimised landing page, information about the business and the people behind it, clear and easily-found contact details and testimonials (or reviews).

Here’s why testimonials or reviews are important.


Testimonials can improve your brand’s trustworthiness. If someone has landed on your website via Google and knows nothing about you, the fact that you gave a satisfied customer excellent service and an outstanding product will help build trust in your product or service. Testimonials are almost as good as a recommendation from a friend. And on the flip-side, if you open yourself up to reviews, customers feel you have nothing to hide and have confidence in your brand.

Market research

Reviews and testimonials should be able to tell you at a glance which of your products and services are popular and which ones can be withdrawn. Yes, sales will do this as well, but all they show is what sold – not whether the customer was happy with the purchase (unless, of course, you happen to be on the receiving end of a vicious complaint). Testimonials and reviews also allow you to place well-liked products or service in a prominent position on your site, hopefully leading to more sales.

Quality improvement

While negative reviews are never good news, they can help you fix a situation in which the customer was not entirely happy. It may be that the product or service needs to be improved, or that the customer had a lousy experience with your sales staff. By dealing with complaints swiftly and effectively, you can turn disgruntled customers into local brand ambassadors

Great content

Reviews and testimonials are often keyword rich, user generated content – and there’s nothing Google loves more! So they can improve your search engine optimisation, thus driving more traffic to your site. You don’t even have to lift a finger or pay a cent!

And now here’s a useful tip: you can draw attention to your reviews and testimonials by adding a rating system to allow people to quickly see how each product or service measures up.

If you want more conversions through your website, then call Direct Sites Online today on 02 9557 7623 or email and we can help turn your customers into your best marketing tool


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