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What makes a good contact page?

One of the most important pieces of ‘real estate’ on your website is your contact page. After all, that’s how your customers will find you so it needs to be easy to find and easy to use.

The best contact page includes a contact form, which allows people to put in their name, email address and a little note about what information they are seeking. But as a back-up, you should also have an email and phone number listed in case the form is not working for one reason or another (or if people want to take down your details and contact you later).

Here are five keys to unlock the secrets of a good contact page:

Simplicity: Keep things simple. A basic contact form which allows the user to put in their name,  email address and a note is all you need. Sure it may be tempting to get a phone number, street address and the name of their first pet. But the more details you ask for, the more likely people are to shy away. People like their privacy and are afraid that if they give you a phone number you’ll be ringing them at 6pm on a Friday just like every other outbound telemarketer in the world.

Mind your manners: Don’t demand that people fill in the form. Be polite, – say please and thank you and let them know how much you appreciate each and every customer contact.

Respond as soon as possible: Even if it’s just an autoresponder that lets people know their email has reached its intended destination. And make sure that the response includes a timeframe for you to get back to them personally. Most people understand that you can’t always respond immediately, but like to have an idea of when to expect a call or email.

Oops: As well as a response to say the email has been received, you should have one that shows there has been an error. If it is in the way the form was filled in, then be precise about what happened. There’s nothing worse than a message that says “you missed a bit” but doesn’t say what the bit is! And if the error is technical, then make sure the customer has an alternative means to contact you

Call to action: If you want people to contact you through the form, have a call to action on every page which redirects them to the contact form. That way it is front on mind at all times.

Direct Sites Online can develop contact forms for your website to ensure no potential customer goes unnoticed. Contact us today on 02 9557 7623 or email


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