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Website design: is it time for a refresh?

Advances in website design come thick and fast these days, so if you have had an online presence for some years, it’s possibly looking out dated and a fresh approach is warranted.

As an added bonus, a redesign, with search engine optimised content and clever use of keyword-rich meta tags, might just help your business get heard above the noise of your competitors on the Web.

You may well have heard of the marketing acronym – AIDAS – which is the process by which a customer goes through the “conversion funnel” from arriving at your web page (or bricks and mortar shop) through to purchasing your product or service, and if you get it right, they will come back again and again.

So what does AIDAS stand for??

1/ Attention: It’s pretty much common knowledge that you have less than 10 seconds to impress a new visitor on your website. You have to grab them immediately, or they will likely be gone forever. So this means eye-catching layout and design to engage the customer.

2/Interest: So now you have their attention, next you must capture their interest. This is where content comes in. You need to not only accurately describe what you sell, but also what your point of difference is. And you need to do it in a way that the customer enjoys reading all about you.

3/Desire: The next step is to grab the customer by his or her emotions, which means a strong call to action that they can’t ignore. They must feel that they need your product or service and they need it now.

4/Action:  You’ve grabbed their attention, captured their interested and made them desire what you offer. Now what? Well, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to go through with their purchase, or seek a quote for service. This could be as simple as a clickable contact button, free newsletter subscriptions or simple enquiry forms. And if you are selling a product, this is why it’s worthwhile to include a privacy-protected shopping cart. People might be put off if they need to phone, or buy from a bricks and mortar outlet.

5/ Satisfaction:  Aah, a happy, satisfied customer. One who will come back to your business time and again, and could even refer their friends. And we all know referrals and good word-of-mouth is the best marketing you can’t buy.

Do you think your website would pass an AIDAS test? Contact Direct Sites Online today at to improve your website conversion rate.


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    We used Direct Sites Online Services for domain registration/ website design and also email hosting.
    Since having our website designed & lauched, our work has increased and we have had many comments regarding the high standard and design of our website.
    They have been very helpful and professional from start to finish.
    We would recommend this company to people.

    Amber Driving School
  • We have been using the services of Direct Sites Online for well over 10 years and can recommend them highly. We are an Australian based national company, and have multiple web sites designed and marketed by them. We have always appreciated their attentive support, first rate web site designs and can confirm our business has grown significantly thanks to the SEO and online marketing consistently delivered by Direct Sites Online.

    Tony Bilos ASC Pty Ltd