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Using Twitter to market your business

It’s easy to see why Twitter can be dismissed as just fluff. After all, how can you possibly promote your thing in just 140 words.

But scratch below the surface and you will see that Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool when used strategically and effectively.

First things first – you need to set up the account. Go to Twitter and from there it’s pretty straight forward. You will need to have a clear idea of what you want your twitter name (the bit that goes after the @ sign) to be, although the important thing is what you write as your “description” – that’s how potential followers will find you

Now that you have a Twitter account, here’s 5  tips to get it working for your business.

  1. Network: Twitter has this great search function where you can put in any keywords and see what people are saying about a topic of your choice. If what they are saying appeals to you, then hit “follow” and use the opportunity to reply to their tweets or to retweet. Or you can even see whether people are asking a question relevant to your business. And you can answer too – setting yourself up as a subject matter expert. This also allows you to share your expertise to build credibility.
  2. Don’t be selfish: While it seems like Twitter is a great platform on which to promote your business, followers might be turned off if your tweets are a constant stream of “me, me, me”. I once read that great formula to use when thinking about tweets is this: 70% sharing others’ content and replying to tweets; 20% promotion; 10% experimentation.
  3. Think strategically: The best business tweets are ones that have been well thought out as part of a broader marketing plan, rather than just a scattergun approach. Think about what you might tweet, when and why. Use a tool such as SocialOomph to schedule your tweets.
  4. Look for leads: Follow as many people in your industry as you can and use Twitter to gather information on what competitors, customers and others are saying. And take part in the conversation – think about what you can learn AND what you can offer.
  5. Promote your thing: OK, OK, I know above I said to limit the promotion to about 20% – but you need to make that 20% count. Use it to announce special deals, events, products, services and to drive people to your website. You can maybe even ask the audience what they expect from your product/service and create real two-way communication.

Direct Sites Online can help you develop a Twitter strategy, and can link your Twitter account to your website. Email us now on


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