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Using LinkedIn to generate leads

Previous posts have talked about how to use Facebook and Twitter for generating leads and promoting your
business – now we will focus on LinkedIn.

Let’s face it, if you offer corporate legal services, or if you consult with big business on their governance requirements, your market is much more likely to be on LinkedIn than the alternatives.

But how do you find them?

Well the obvious first step is to create a profile – for you and your business. And make sure any staff members also have a profile. These need to reflect your and you company’s voice, be engaging and use strong
keywords so you’ll be found if people are searching for your talents. As for the level of detail in regards to previous work and experience, stick to the condensed version – this is not the place to include an extensive CV.

Next, you should actively seek people you know to connect with. And ask them for recommendations
LinkedIn’s own statistics show that relevant recommendations will help you get business.

As to the company profile, you can create this yourself, but only if one of the email addresses connected to your profile is from the same domain as the company website. Having a company profile will make you and your organisation seem more professional and ready for action.

Once you have set up your profile and connected with people you know, start looking for groups to join. You don’t want to join too many as that can become unmanageable, but joining a few – and getting involved in the conversations – can start to set you up as a subject matter expert. This, in turn, will lead to establishing trust and generating leads.

Another way of getting involved is to ask/answer questions. Again, people will see you as a subject matter expert, and may well turn to you when they are ready to pay for that expertise.

If you have done something noteworthy in a professional sense, then you can update your status on LinkedIn, similarly to Facebook. But use this strategically and wisely. LinkedIn is not the place to mention a new love interest, or your kid’s 7th birthday.

Once you are active on LinkedIn, the next step is to manage your time. You probably only need to log in once or twice a week for an hour or so, and participate as needed. It is not the fast-moving environment of
Twitter – or even Facebook.

And make sure you have you LinkedIn profile button on your website so people can follow you there.

Finally, the key is to stay relevant and make sure the details are updated as needed. Stale LinkedIn profiles, like any other inactive social media accounts, are the graveyard of the Internet.

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