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Tips for a successful e-mail campaign

We’ve all heard that email marketing is a great way to get directly to our customers and we know that we should have a newsletter subscription on our website.

But, think about it, how many of these newsletters fall into you inbox each week? And how many do you delete without reading?

Then have a think about what is it the ones that you read have that makes them so appealing? I can guarantee it’s that they have adhered to most – if not all – of the following tips.

1/First impressions count: Compare the subject lines: “News from Acme Widgets” and “Exciting news from Acme Widgets”. It’s one word but how many of you would be more likely to open the email with the second subject line?

There are a few other things to keep in mind when determining the subject: don’t use the same subject line too often – opens rates will decline; Don’t make it too long, a few choice words is all you need; try to avoid oft-used words such as “free” “help” or “remember”; If you can localise the subject line, all the better – “Exciting Widget news for MyTown residents”.

2/ Avoid being too spammy: People are much less likely to open your emails if they end up in their spam folder, but how do you stop that happening? It’s not an exact science, but there are some things you can do to avoid raising the red flag of your recipients spam filter: Don’t over use capitals or exclamation marks; spammy, impersonal phrasing; sloppy coding;  sending too many cc’s or bcc’s.

3/ Timing is (almost) everything: It’s best to avoid Mondays or Fridays when sending bulk emails, and you shouldn’t send them too early in the day or too late. If someone receives your email late, they are likely to defer it till the next day, and it will be buried under new issues. It’s hard to say an “exact” time as it depends on your target audience. You probably need to experiment and see what time works the best for you.

4/ Tidy up your email list. If your evaluation shows that someone is constantly not opening your emails, get rid of them. They are not worth the effort.

5/ Evaluate your process: In line with the above tip, make sure that your invitation to sign up for your newsletter is correctly targeted; otherwise you will get a whole lot of email contacts that will never be potential customers. On the other hand – make it as easy as possible for the right people to sign up. And create lists so the right information goes to the right people, rather than a generic email going to all.

Remember, you will never get a 100 per cent open rate; you probably won’t even get a 50 per cent open rate. But if the rate is hovering around 15-20 per cent, you should consider your campaign a success.

Contact Direct Sites Online at now to discuss the best ways to get your email marketing campaign working for your business.

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