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The importance of colour in web design

While we have posted before about how important clean design and relevant content are when it comes to the success or otherwise of your online presence, there is a third vital element – colour.

Your website colours will affect the moods and emotions of your visitors, as well as reflect your business identity. Just think for a moment about colour and what it may signify – “green with envy”, “sad and blue” “red hot lover” (or red hot rage).

Don’t think you need to be bound by the colours of your logo – a logo is just one part of the whole corporate look and feel that needs to be developed around your branding. There are many sites out there that offer colour palettes to complement your logo.

So what do colours signify and what colours would be best for your site?

Red is a powerful and attention-grabbing colour. It passion and fire, love and lust, and has been shown to raise blood pressure and cause perspiration. Red is for a business that wants to be noticed and needs visitors to take action – now. But beware – the downside of red is that it can also be used to symbolise violence, rage, war, aggression and bloodletting.

Pink, however, is red showing its softer side. It’s romantic, calming and feminine and is often used when the target audience is new mums, or young lovers.

Yellow: Yellow is sunshine and daisies. It symbolises youth, vitality, energy and hope. It’s perfect for kids wear or sites promoting healthy living. But used in the wrong way, it can also mean cowardice or illness.

Orange:  Orange is vibrant and warm. It has many of the same attributes as red, but is more cool-headed. It’s a great colour for food-related websites as it has been known to stimulate the appetite.  As a citrus color, it can also symbolize health and wellbeing.

Blue: Blue is considered one of the most calming colours in the spectrum. It’s great for sites that want to show confidence, reassurance, trust and wisdom – business coaches, politicians or educational institutions for example. Blue, however, is considered an appetite suppressant, so food-related business should avoid it at all costs!

Green: Green is another great colour for websites promoting a healthy image. It signifies health, growth, renewal, fertility and wealth. On the downside, however, it can mean jealousy or inexperience.

Direct Sites Online has more than 10 years’ experience in web design and can find a colour scheme that is perfect for your business. Contact us today on at or phone 02 9557 7623.



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