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The basics of Google+

Google +Here at Direct Sites Online we have been enjoying finding our way around the quiet achiever of the social media world – Google +

While it might take a backseat to the more high-profile Facebook and Twitter, its association with search engine giant, Google, means it brings some awesome benefits when it comes to SEO.

Here are six ways to get the best from Google +:

Use keywords in your profile.

This a great way to get some valuable Google traffic. Simply put, when used properly, Google + can amplify your search engine optimisation. So make sure you use keywords in your “about” section, write a succinct description of who you are and what you do, and don’t forget to include an image.

Edit your content

The Google + edit facility allows you to edit or lock your post; and also to disable comments. It’s great way to fine-tune your message and get rid of those embarrassing mistakes.

Use circles

The circles feature is a great way to target your audience engagement, which means if they are used properly, they can really boost your return on investment. Consider your customer base – and who you target each message to – and you can do a lot with very little effort.

Drag and drop files and photos

Google+ makes it so easy to share your files, photos, videos and more with people in your circles. You simply drag and drop and voila! It’s a great time-saving tool that can truly enhance productivity.

Use hangouts and communities

No matter what field you work in, Google + has a community for you. And, unlike Facebook groups, which can be somewhat spam-filled, the Google + communities seem far more supportive and truly about networking. They can also be made completely private – so non-members don’t even know the group exists. And hangouts allow you have video conference with anyone in your circles at any time.

You choose what you share, and who with

Google + allows users to notify people in a circle of certain posts, so if you post something of particular interest to one group, you can let them know it’s there. And on the other hand, if for some reason you publish something sensitive, you can disable sharing.


While Google + does not have the reach of Facebook or Twitter, it is an important tool in your social media arsenal. Direct Sites Online can help you develop a Google + strategy with results that will impress. Contact us today on 02 9557 7623 or email


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