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Social Media: Google +1 button

A couple of posts ago the Direct Sites Online blog talked about how Google + can help your business now, even though the business application is not yet available.

We briefly discussed the + 1 button, but thought we should go into it further so you can develop a +1 strategy for your business.

Firstly, you need to add the Plus 1 button to your site. If you use WordPress, go to the dashboard, navigate to the Plugins, hit the “add new” button and search for “Google +”. You’ll find a plugin simply titled “Google +1 button” – install, activate and add to prominent places on your site.

This doesn’t need a lot of technical expertise, but if your time is precious, or if you really have no techie knowledge, Direct Sites Online can assist. Likewise, if your website is not powered by WordPress, give us a call and we can help you get the +1 button on the site.

2. Get the word out: Make sure all your friends, associates, clients, strangers you meet in the street know that your site has the +1 button and ask them to “+1” your site. They’ll have to have a Google account to do this. This does a couple of things. Firstly, the more +1s your site gets, it’s likely that its search engine ranking will improve (yet to be tested, but this is definitely assumed in the geek world). But, just as importantly, it gets your site seen by people on Google + who are interested in your product/service. This is all to do with Google +’s “circles” and how you manage your target audiences.

3. Start a conversation: Make sure you also +1 any cool stuff you might see that relates to your field. That way, people in your circles will start to see you as helpful, insightful and an expert. And that reputation will spread.

4. Review, analyse, improve: Make sure you are checking your analytics tool regularly to check what is working and not on Google +, so you have an idea where you can improve and what keywords are returning results.

For more information on the +1 button, Google has some great information including a video tutorial. Check it out here

Remember Direct Sites Online can help with any queries on Google +. Contact us on


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