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Setting up a Google+ business page

Google+ has recently launched business pages and the good news is they can really help your search engine optimisation if you set them up with keywords in mind.

And what’s even better – they are relatively simple to set up (but, like Facebook, you do need a personal profile first).

If you haven’t got a personal profile yet, go to Google+,  and follow the instructions. Make sure you use your real name (Google frowns upon pseudonyms) and fill in the information about employment, education, places you have lived and so one. That way, if people search on these keywords, your profile will pop up.

Before you set up your business page, have a little play around and familiarise yourself with the circles, hangouts and so on. See if you can find people you know, clients, customers, friends, associates, and add them to your circles.

Once you have the personal page sorted, go to your profile and look about half way down on the right of the screen. You will see a multi-coloured (blue, green, black and yellow) square button which read “create a Google+ page”. Click it.

You can then choose the type of business and fill in the details. One thing that is really important, and that Google+ does better than Facebook or Twitter, is that you can described your business better because more characters are allowed in the business name.

So don’t just write “Joe’s Autos”, but instead “Motor vehicle mechanic Joe’s Autos”; don’t be “Pretty Designs”, but “Girls’ clothing by Pretty Designs”. This means you are more likely to be found by people looking for your product or service.

Make sure you click the box so that your business page is visible to any Google+ user, otherwise you may as well not exist (but be careful if your product is restricted from sale to minors).

You then get the opportunity to add a tagline or meta description. This is your chance to write a catchy, keyword-rich statement explaining what it is you do. It might be your existing business tagline or it might be a short descriptive message.

Then start promoting your page through your existing circles, as look for networking opportunities in your field.

Voila – you have a Google+ business page. Enjoy seeing what Google+ has to offer and we’ll have a later post on how to optimise your page.

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