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Growing your Facebook fan base

We’ve all heard about how some business are growing their customer base and increasing revenue through their Facebook business pages. But how are they doing it?

Firstly, we need to differentiate between quality and quantity in regards to likes. Anyone can engage in one of the many, many
“silent tagging sessions” or “marches”. These allow you to link your business page on a big long list of pages, then like all the other pages in the hope they like you back.

This will give you lots of likes, and quickly, but you might find that one of two things happen – you get very little interaction on your
site (which probably means you’ve been hidden from newsfeeds), or your likes disappear nearly as quickly as they arrived (which means people are unliking your page).

So we will only talk about quality likes – which might take a little longer, but the payoffs will be greater.

There are basically three things to consider if you want more traffic (and likers) to your facebook page.

1/ Facebook advertising. You know those little ads on the right hand side of the page which seem to be targeted directly at you? Well, they are. You have put all sorts of things on your personal page – your favourite TV shows, bands, foods and more, so Facebook knows more about you than you think. And it’s a goldmine for any advertiser, who can embed keywords so that your ad only appears on the pages of people who may already be interested in your thing.  And, because it works on a pay-per-click basis you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, it’s cheap and effective. For less than $10 a day, you can drive hundreds of
visitors to your site. The ads should include an appealing photo, similar messages to your page, give a reason for people to do to your page, and, obviously, ask them to like the page.

2/ Add a like button to your website. Use a social plug-in to make it easy for people – they don’t even have to leave your site to like your Facebook page. If you use it properly, and then offer great advice, information, an incentives on you Facebook page, it can be as effective as an opt-in email marketing campaign – and much easy to get subscribers (or likers). This goes double if you are
blogging – you must have a like button on your blog. Why? Because when someone likes a post, they won’t just become a fan (if they are not already) but there will be a message on their wall – and their friends’ walls – letting people know Joe Blow liked your post – with a link to the post, which might send their friends you way. And make sure you have a Find us on Facebook link on emails
and other business correspondence.

3/ A custom landing tab that is fan-gated. This means non-fans will see a different welcome page than fans. And it must ask non-fans to click “like”. Some of the best uses of this include an incentive to like, such as “click like to get a free report on using Facebook for business” Or “click like to go into the draw for a family holiday”. There are many applications to create this landing page or save time and get Direct Sites Online to create your custom welcome tab.

Contact Direct Sites Online today at if you want to increase your Facebook likes.

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