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Five mistakes that kill your web copy

A lot of people spend a lot of time, energy and money outsourcing web development and design, but then let it all go to waste by not thinking as seriously about the writing.

Let’s face it, you may have the most attractive design in the world, but it’s the written content that makes people decide to make a purchase (or ask for a quote).

Here are the five common mistakes people make when writing their own copy (or outsourcing to an inexperienced copywriter).

  1. It’s not about you: Customers don’t care about your story and they don’t give two hoots about your inner awesomeness. When they arrive at your website, and as they cruise your pages, they want to know what’s in it for them. This means talking about benefits, rather than features, and emphasising what the customer will experience with your product or service. Try and budget 50 words on features, 100 words on benefits and 150-200 on the experience.
  2. Burying the lead: Web writers could learn a lot from traditional journalism, where the main point of the story is never buried within the content, but right there in the first paragraph. Journalists learn about the inverted pyramid style of writing, so that if there story is cut from the bottom, none of the salient points are lost. The same applies to the web – in fact more so. You have less than 10 seconds to impress a visitor;  you need to make those seconds count.
  3. Weak meta-title and description: Most of the meta-tags are only seen by search engines, but the meta-title and description tells the visitor exactly what your business is about. The meta-title describes the subject matter of the page and visitors see it in their browser tab and in search engine results. It is the most important piece of writing that Google and other engines display. Meta-descriptions are the snippet of text snippet of text that is displayed under a link on a search engine results. It should include your company name and contact details.
  4. Too many words: It’s usually not a good idea to bore potential customers to tears. So keep the copy short, sweet and punchy.
  5. No call to action: You need to make it clear what you want your visitor to do once they get to your site. Buy a product? Make a phone call? Send an email? Book a consultation?  When it comes to the web, leading a horse to water is likely to make them drink. And your call to action should be on every page: “Book now and get a 10 per cent discount”; Call today to find out how to double your income”; “Click here to view our sale items”. I’m sure you get the drift.

If you want to avoid these mistakes in your web copy and turn your visitors to customers, call Direct Sites Online now on 02 9557 7623 or email

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