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Facebook Timeline for business

Last week, Facebook rolled out one of the biggest changes to its business pages since, well since Facebook Business pages began.

Some early adopters have already risen to the challenge of Facebook Timeline, but all business pages will be transitioned by the end of the month.

Depending on the way you look at it, it has either put a spanner in you social media marketing, or enhanced it. We prefer to think of it as the latter and here’s why:

  1. Larger picture to promote your brand: The main profile picture goes across the page, with a smaller picture as an insert on the bottom left. This gives those of you that sell a product a perfect place to show off. And if you provide a service, this is where you can boast about the benefits.
  2. Flexible tabs: When your business first moves to timeline, your tabs more with you. But then you have a chance to chance their names and their contents – as well as the photo they show on your main profile page. This is where you can put any calls to action: “sign up to the newsletter”; “Readers stories”; “Get a quote”.
  3. Messaging: Likers can now message business pages directly, rather than post on your wall for information. This will (hopefully) mean that if anyone has a complaint or problem with your product or service, they will message you, rather than post on your wall for all the world to see.
  4. Tell your brand’s story: Now is the time to choose what information from the past you would like to share with future likers. So it’s a great opportunity to purge some earlier status updates and so forth that, perhaps, don’t suit the current brand image.
  5. Fan interaction: Timeline means businesses will need to change the way they interact with their fans. Instead of posting superficial posts just to get “likes”, businesses will need to consider what they post and when so the brand’s “story” stays relevant. It will also force businesses to keep their brand front and centre at all times. This has got to be good for anyone whose newsfeed is full of “We love our likers” or “Have a great weekend” updates.
  6. Driving fans to websites: A lot of business that are active and successful on Facebook despair because no matter what they do to drive people to their website – discounts, free offers, newsletter signups – they still get more sales via Facebook. The tabs mentioned above will be a great place to put a call to action for website visits.

But, there are a couple of things to remember – Facebook will  not allow businesses to put any sort of contact information on their landing page – so the welcome pages with URLs and phone numbers listed are out. You will need to think more laterally about how customers find you. And, secondly, this shift is a timely reminder that Facebook can’t be your only online presence – it must be part of a wider mix. The content you post on Facebook, and the customer details belong to Facebook.

If you are struggling with Timeline for Business, contact Direct Sites Online now at And if Facebook is your only web presence, and you realise you need a standalone website, we have very affordable packages for small business. Call us on 02 9557 7623.


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