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Converting website visitors to customers

Here at Direct Sites Online, we often hear from businesses confused because they getting a lot of website visitors, but only a very low percentage of visitors become customers.

When we look at their current site, it’s usually obvious why the conversion is low – and it’s often because they haven’t paid attention to the following five principles.


It’s important that the language on your site appeals to your target audience. Otherwise they will visit, but they are unlikely to convert. Or maybe the benefits of your product or service are not immediately obvious on your landing page.

Another problem could be that you are targeting the wrong keywords in your Adwords or other online advertising campaigns, which means when people visit your site it might not be what they are actually looking for.

Put simply, relevance means that you have the right content for the right visitor at the time they are searching for it.

Identify your audience

A website is not just an online brochure marketing your product or service – it’s not something you can create and then leave alone, hoping it will capture all possible customers.

So the first step is to identify your different target audiences and then create content to suit. And the content may change. One day, you could want to attract 18-year old school leavers, then next day it may be families with kids – it’s impossible to make an entire website relevant to all visitors.

Your landing pages needs to reflect this, and needs to be tweaked regularly depending on the audience you are targeting in any particular campaign.

Calls to action

What do you want a visitor to do when they land on your page? Make a phone call? Send an email? Buy your e-book? Sign up to you newsletter? Browse and purchase products? You need to make this objective very clear through your calls to action.

And you need to make it very simple as well, don’t make your visitor search for your shopping cart, or your sign-up form, or your contact details. Remember, you have, at most, about 10 seconds to capture a first-time visitor’s attention.

The devil’s in the detail

If your objective is for people to sign up to your newsletter, you just need their name and email address. You don’t need to know what their business is, or why they want your product. You have time to ask them that later.

Same goes for selling a product – don’t use your sales funnel as a market research tool until AFTER their have completed the transaction.

A lot of businesses make the mistake or wanting all sorts of information up front, in case the customer never comes back. But guess what, asking too much may mean they are never a customer in the first place.

This is part of the conversion process that makes potential customers confident in your product or brand. Related to this is the security of the check out. If you can, it’s best to allow people to pay by credit card, PayPal or direct debit.

Be analytical

Use services such as Google Analytics to find out precisely where you are losing visitors, so you can determine what needs improvement.

If you’re not happy with the conversion rates on your website, contact Direct Sites Online now at or phone 02 9557 7623.


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