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Basics Of Making Video Content Work For You


The viewing audience and the searching audience have declared video to be the most popular and the most persuasive content on any website. This time the market analysts were not wrong. At present, video sells best. Whatever you are selling, marketing, or, promoting needs a relevant video attached to it. If you blog for sponsorship and money video make you more money.

Video content alone is not everything there is to know about making video work for you. Everyone knows that new, strange, and amazing video gets attention. Most people are totally unaware that Google’s new automated SEO master decides what videos get promoted in searches based on the words that accompany the video. If you do not change the written content of a video often enough then no one will see your internet breaking video.

In the future people may actually learn to read at a reasonable level again, but for the foreseeable future video is the media that gets your message in the eyes of the most people.

Before you make a video or pay a production company to make one, create a plan. This is a video marketing plan. You have to depend on the fact that your audience’s attention span is slightly less than 10 seconds. If your video goes for more than 10 minutes no one will watch it.

Compartmentalize your message in short bursts that follow a defined pattern. The pattern needs to be like classical music. You lead up to crescendo if you have a series of videos that explain features, styles, or anything about a product or service. You always ask for a sale in each video.

Time your video publication according to a systematic plan that takes advantage of what is hot right now, seasonal buying, and all the patterns of purchase that you know from your marketing data.

To acquire the most market share from your videos you have four options because the options are the most popular and most viewed at present. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are your targets. Each site has a time limit for any video and this is where your game plan comes into play. Short videos go to Instagram and Twitter. YouTube and Facebook are for longer videos and series.

You may wonder why you put a video on any of these sites in the first place since you want people to come to your website or social media site to buy. There are three reasons to use these sites.

The sites are free at least now. More people look at these sites than will ever look at your website of social media site through a search. You can link any video on these sites to any of your internet marketing campaign with a few clicks.

If you have a large number of videos or a series of several videos then, consider creating your own channel. You may have to pay for long content but the return is worth it. Your channel helps brand you through simple links to any social media. The trick is to keep your company name and a link as the first written content in the header and in the written messages for any video.

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