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5 ways to increase your Twitter followers

Like Facebook, a Twitter account is simple to set up but takes time to gain enough followers to make a difference in your conversions.

Here are five steps to help boost your follower numbers:

Promote your twitter feed

Potential customers need to know that you are on Twitter. Simple steps to promote your Twitter account are to ensure you have a “follow me” button link on your website and to add your Twitter handle to you email signature, business card, Facebook page and other marketing material. If you want to get a little more technical, there are plug-ins which enable your Twitter feed to stream live on your website.

Follow people in your industry

Unless you are Paris Hilton, people are not going to follow you just for the sake of following you. Instead, you need to seek out like-minded Twitterers and follow them, in the hope of striking up a relationship. Concentrate on those with a good number of followers. If you are lucky, they will follow you back. Then if you tweet regularly, and have something to say, your followers may retweet your updates and their followers may start to follow you.

Engage your followers

It’s important that your tweets are not all just “sell, sell, sell”, you need to craft messages that engage the reader and are relevant to your customers. This way, you start to be seen as an industry expert and people will seek you out and follow you.  If your followers like what you have to say, they’ll retweet it, which builds your brand engagement.

Be real

Like other forms of social media, Twitter is all about the personality behind the brand. It gives potential customers an insight into the ethics and credibility of your company which will then help them form an opinion of whether they want to do business with you. And remember, you can’t be all things to all people, but stick to your corporate style and voice and you may become all things to some people.

Don’t stop at Twitter

It’s important to recognise that Twitter needs to be just one part of your online marketing strategy – all of which is aimed at driving visitors to your main website, then hopefully closing the sale. Without a website, any traction you might gain through Twitter is likely to be wasted. After all, people are more likely to place trust in a business with a professional website and a robust online presence.

For more information on how to make Twitter work for your business, or any other internet and social media marketing advice or assistance, call Direct Sites Online at 02 9558 7623 or email

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