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4 Ways to Boost Your E-Newsletter


Remember when e-newsletters first became popular and you thought you were cutting edge for switching over? Well your cutting edge newsletter is now outdated. If you haven’t redesigned your template since starting out, you are long overdue for a new look. Here are 4 things to change to capture your audience’s attention again.

1. Be Responsive

These days, almost everybody has a mobile device that they use to check their email. The world is moving at a fast pace and if you want to keep up, your newsletter has to look good on any screen. If somebody pulls your newsletter up on their phone or tablet and it doesn’t look good, they’re immediately closing it without even thinking about clicking on to your website. Even if they have the best intentions of trying it again when they’re in front of a computer, chances are you’ve lost them.

2. Advertise Wisely

A newsletter is not the same thing as an advertisement. Your readers are looking for relevant and interesting content. It’s good to let people know about big sales that you have coming up, but that should not be the main focus of your newsletter. Keep big banner ads to a minimum or, better yet, just nix them all together. And make sure your ads don’t push your content below the fold. Your first priority is to engage people with content.

3. Outline Clearly

Very few people are going to sit down and read your entire newsletter. They are going to scan it, looking for the pieces that are most relevant to them. So make sure you have easy to read headings that clearly tell what each article is about. People don’t like to read long blocks of text either. Break up your content with subheadings, images, and graphics. White space is very important for letting eyes rest and keeping your newsletter from looking cluttered.

4. Embed Features

One of the big advantages that an e-newsletter has over a paper newsletter is the ability to be more than just text. Make the most of these features. Embed Twitter feeds, social media links, video content and more directly into your newsletter for a modern, relevant feel. It is wise to stay away from gifs as they often load slowly and have jerky playback. Encouraging people to share your content gives you a wider audience and increases your reader’s engagement.

Embrace all of the options available for e-newsletters and get creative. There are no limits to what can be done with today’s technology. Throw out your old template and find something modern, fun, and interactive that will draw your audience to your site with a much higher click through rate.

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