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Hackers are so last century!

Dangerous Hooded Hacker Breaks into Government Data Servers and Infects Their System with a Virus. His Hideout Place has Dark Atmosphere, Multiple Displays, Cables Everywhere. As technology evolves, so does the knowledge of hackers. Nobody is immune to cyber-attacks, and even the biggest of corporations worldwide are known to fall victim to unwelcome attacks that place their sensitive data at unthinkable risk. Small businesses are at a much bigger risk, as they simply can’t afford the same security measures as global powerhouses.

Did you know that 60% of business who suffer a cyber-attack shut down in just 6 months?

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry – if you follow our advice!

HTTPS & SSL: Do you accept online payments from your customers? Receive their personal information? If so, an SSL certificate should be non-negotiable. This ensures all ingoing and outgoing traffic is 100% secure and can’t be taken hostage by prying eyes. If your site carries an active SSL certificate, your address will automatically change from HTTP to HTTPS.

Change passwords: Using one password for everything is risky business. Having a different password for every site is key! Try including an impossible-to-decipher combination of caps, letters and numbers. Bad memory? There are plenty of top-notch password managers out there.

Back up, back up, and back up some more!

What would you do if, one day, ALL your business information vanished without a trace? Contacts, emails, invoices – the full works? Stay safe by backing up your data at LEAST once a month – onto a hard-drive or offsite storage service like OneDrive.

We hope this helped. In our minds, hackers are “so last century”. By following our advice, you’ll never have to worry about them again. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about what you can do to safeguard the health and prosperity of your business. Good luck!

Office 365 Email for Small to Medium Business

laptop digital tablet and smart phone.the photo on the laptop screen form my portfolio.3D rendering high quality. Why are so many small and medium-sized businesses making the move to Microsoft Office 365 Email ? Simple. Not only does it help any business of any size streamline its operations and enhance its productivity, but it also assists with flexibility, collaboration and storage. But…we’ll get to the in a moment. First of all, we thought you ought to know that Office 365 and Email serves more than 60 million users and is rapidly growing. This number is on the rise, and if you’re not part of the club, you’re missing out. More and more of you are asking for greater storage for your emails and to be able to access them anywhere and on the cloud. Office 365 email has this covered by offering 50gig + of online storage, plus additional for backup – that’s gigantic !

These are the things we love the most about Office 365 and 365 email:

Flexibility: Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. It’s all linked! This is particularly convenient in today’s digital world, where 9-5 jobs are dying.

Collaboration: See what your employees and/or co-workers are doing from the other side of the planet or just in Australia. Oversee progress in real-time, discuss upcoming projects – you name it.

Security: Office 365 boasts impressive built-in security and continuous compliance, helping you eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks.

Organization: Running a business is no joke, which is what’s so great about Office 365. You can sync your email, calendar and contacts – making them easily accessible across all your devices.

We could go on all day about why you should make the move to Office365, but we’d much rather show you. Try it out for yourself today to see what we’re talking about! Just email or call Peter for further information.

Why your web needs SSL certificate in 2018

Close-up of a browser window showing lock icon during SSL connection Why is it that certain websites begin with “http”, while others being with “https”? Simple. This extra “s” indicates that a site’s connection is secure. When browsing a site labelled “https”, all ingoing and outgoing information (most importantly, sensitive information) is safe. That “s” is powered by technology by the name of SSL. This stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is the standard security technology for creating and upholding an encrypted link between a browser and server.

Without SSL, private information is at risk. The website is not secure, and any information entered (such as credit card information) can be easily intercepted and stolen by hackers. This is not possible with SSL. It’s getting more and more important to let your visitors know that they can browse and purchase on sites with peace of mind. Hackers are getting smarter, and technology is getting more and more advanced.

SSL is a proven way to secure a site’s information and bring visitors peace of mind. Cybercrime is on the rise, and SSL can be easily identified by a small padlock in the search bar. Upon seeing this padlock, it is the user’s responsibility to decide whether they want to go forth.

What’s more, SSL is fantastic for SEO. While SSL’s main reason for existence is to secure ingoing and outgoing information, it’s also a part of Google’s search-ranking algorithm. In fact, Google themselves stated that if there are two websites with equal search results, but one has SSL, it would likely receive a higher ranking.

Getting an SSL certificate for your site is easy, and costs vary from around $50 up. It all depends on the type of site you own, and if it’s a business or ecommerce site. Most certificates are available for a year or two, however, longer term options are available. Get in touch with our team to find out more. We’re always at the ready to share our inside industry knowledge with you!