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Find Out How To Check Your Hosting Requirements


One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when launching a website for the first time is to focus more on securing a domain name and designing the best looking website. However, it is important to check on hosting requirements as well. Not all hosts are the same.

Web hosting, what’s the deal?

When you create a website, there are many files – CSS, HTML, images, and more. They all need a home. A web host is responsible for storing the files of your website on an Internet-connected server. This way, when someone visits your website, the files will load appropriately.

How do I check my requirements?

You will need to check on several different things, including the size of your website, the platform you are publishing on, and even the level of security that you need for your website. Budget is going to play a role as well. Most hosting sites will bill on a month-to-month basis.

What are my options for web hosting?

You are going to find that there are many types of web hosting options available to you – and each are going to be a little different. Below, you’ll find the three most commonly used hosting solutions.

Cloud hosting: This hosting model is growing in popularity. It allows resources to be consumed using a service on the Internet. Ultimately, it allows you to host your website on a server found in the cloud. You have the ability to add or remove resources on an as needed basis, including storage, memory, and more.

Dedicated hosting: This form of hosting will allow you to lease an entire server. This is going to provide you with flexibility, space, and a high level of security. You will want to choose an option like this if you have a large website and a large budget. It is perhaps the most expensive option, but it does provide you with a wide array of system resources. It can deliver high security, though it is also going to require a higher level of IT competency.

Shared hosting: This is one of the most common forms of web hosting because it is affordable. Your website will be placed on a server where there may be several other websites on the server as well. The reason it is so affordable is because you share the cost of the server with all the other websites. If you have a large website, this can be challenging because you will have slower load times because the server is dealing with multiple domains and therefore multiple files.

Once you know a little bit more about the different options available, it’s easier for you to check your hosting requirements and take control of the web host you ultimately choose when launching your website.

Basics Of Making Video Content Work For You


The viewing audience and the searching audience have declared video to be the most popular and the most persuasive content on any website. This time the market analysts were not wrong. At present, video sells best. Whatever you are selling, marketing, or, promoting needs a relevant video attached to it. If you blog for sponsorship and money video make you more money.

Video content alone is not everything there is to know about making video work for you. Everyone knows that new, strange, and amazing video gets attention. Most people are totally unaware that Google’s new automated SEO master decides what videos get promoted in searches based on the words that accompany the video. If you do not change the written content of a video often enough then no one will see your internet breaking video.

In the future people may actually learn to read at a reasonable level again, but for the foreseeable future video is the media that gets your message in the eyes of the most people.

Before you make a video or pay a production company to make one, create a plan. This is a video marketing plan. You have to depend on the fact that your audience’s attention span is slightly less than 10 seconds. If your video goes for more than 10 minutes no one will watch it.

Compartmentalize your message in short bursts that follow a defined pattern. The pattern needs to be like classical music. You lead up to crescendo if you have a series of videos that explain features, styles, or anything about a product or service. You always ask for a sale in each video.

Time your video publication according to a systematic plan that takes advantage of what is hot right now, seasonal buying, and all the patterns of purchase that you know from your marketing data.

To acquire the most market share from your videos you have four options because the options are the most popular and most viewed at present. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are your targets. Each site has a time limit for any video and this is where your game plan comes into play. Short videos go to Instagram and Twitter. YouTube and Facebook are for longer videos and series.

You may wonder why you put a video on any of these sites in the first place since you want people to come to your website or social media site to buy. There are three reasons to use these sites.

The sites are free at least now. More people look at these sites than will ever look at your website of social media site through a search. You can link any video on these sites to any of your internet marketing campaign with a few clicks.

If you have a large number of videos or a series of several videos then, consider creating your own channel. You may have to pay for long content but the return is worth it. Your channel helps brand you through simple links to any social media. The trick is to keep your company name and a link as the first written content in the header and in the written messages for any video.

Simple, Yet Effective Ways To Boost Your Newsletter Open Rates


If you are worried about people not reading your newsletters, then you need to start making a number of simple, yet effective changes to your marketing strategies. The following article will discuss how.

Have an idea of where you are

If you are looking to increase your newsletter rates, you first have to get an insight of how your newsletters have been performing. If your current email marketing software doesn’t come with tools for detailed statistics or easy integration, then you may want to move on to one that does. Software like Mailroom, MailChimp and more provide detailed statistics and reports which can help you determine what’s working and what’s not.

Carefully analyze your open rates to determine your newsletters that enjoy the most success. You can then use the results to improve your content by focusing on the headlines, subject lines and images that induce click-through rates as well as the newsletters that entice readers to read right to the end.

Research and refine

No doubt, the best way you can know the kind of stuff your audience want to read and know more of is by asking them. Conducting interviews and customer surveys are a good way of going about this. You can also speak to people in your business with contacts to clients – they may just have some evidence of the topics your clients are more interested in and the kind of questions they ask.

Another equally effective way to know if your newsletters are finding their mark is to monitor your social network activity in the days following your mail out. If your followers are talking about your content or business, then you may be onto something good.

Segmenting newsletters

Of course, it goes without say that not everyone in your mail list will like what’s on your content. It won’t necessarily mean your content is not interesting or of poor quality, but it could be that you have different demographics among your customers. And in such a case, it may be worthwhile to segment your mail lists and send targeted newsletters to respective groups.

How to create an attractive newsletter

Content is king, and a very important attribute when it comes to crafting a quality newsletter. It shouldn’t just be a copy, but more and you’ll need to think about how the entire package will look. To help readers digest your content, your paragraphs should be small, punchy headlines, some links and interesting images.

Take your time to find the right images that stand above the rest in your niche. Test different styles and see which images are likely to sell. In addition, you need to keep in mind that your newsletters can be read on tablets and smartphones. Research study by Radicati found that 46 percent of email users accessed their emails via mobile devices in 2015 and these numbers are expected to soar to 80 percent by 2018.