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Stop Being Overwhelmed By Social Media: Social Media Management Techniques

socialmedia time management tipsSocial media is the default online hangout for most people, so those who are interested in growing their audience or customer base should seek their customers on social media.

Unfortunately, too many small businesses aren’t familiar with all the different social media channels and find it takes too much time to post across networks. This is hardly surprising, given how many social media platforms exist these days. It is hard to commit the time to learn each network enough to use it effectively, and even harder to find the time to consistently use the networks.

Social Media Benefits for Small Businesses

Small-business owners sometimes can’t see how social media can benefit them and think that social media can’t help them. They often say they aren’t seeing new leads, aren’t getting direct sales and aren’t fielding any new enquiries. Ignoring social media is a mistake because consumers and companies are increasingly adopting social media and causing it to grow exponentially.

Social media benefits abound. Social media can drive traffic to your website and can create brand awareness. You can use social media to build stronger relationships with your customers and find some new ones. The question is, how do you find the time you need to learn how to use social media well enough to get a true return on your time and energy?

Solve Your Social Media Problems

The most important first step in solving your social media problems is to create a plan for how you can use social media to help your business grow. There is a wide range of social networks to choose from and you need a solid plan.

You should think of social media as an opportunity to pitch your business to a huge group of possible customers. You would never host a meeting like that without plenty of preparation but many businesses do that with their social media accounts each day.

You can build your brand and your business personality into a simple concept that can be communicated in each social network by outsourcing the work to a social media manager.

Your social media manager can create and optimize each social network profiles and develop a schedule for publishing on a regular and consistent basis. They can also respond to comments in a timely manner and encourage sharing of your content by your customers, creating massive engagement with your customer base. By committing to a regular publishing schedule you can ensure that you get the most exposure possible. Finally, your manager can arrange advertising on Facebook and Twitter and manage contests and promotions via social media.

Direct Sites Online for Outsourcing

At Direct Sites Online, we offer social media management plans that are customized for each of our clients.

For small-business owners with minimal time and resources to spare, consider outsourcing all social media marketing to an experienced online marketing manager via Direct Sites Online.

Contact us today and find out how we can grow your business with social media at: 02 9557 7623

DIY Marketing Techniques For Businesses

DIY marketing techniques Marketing is essential to any business but working with consultants and external marketing agencies can be incredibly expensive. There are a few things you can do yourself to promote your business and increase your brand recognition.

LinkedIn Showcase Page Creation

LinkedIn is one of the most important networking sites. Your company should already have a company page on LinkedIn but to get more traffic and increased recognition by interested people you should set up a Showcase Page. These pages are extensions of your regular company page and works by highlighting your products and services and improving your brand recognition. By doing this, you can pinpoint the segments of the population that are relevant to your business and allows them greater access to your business.

Facebook paid advertising

Facebook is still ubiquitous and boasts more users than any other social network. Facebook has paid advertising that businesses can work with themselves, saving the money involved in hiring an advertising company. These ads are inexpensive and take minimal time, but they can really increase your visibility. Because they are fast and cheap you can post lots of different kinds of ads at the beginning and remove the less effective ones as you narrow your focus to the most effective paid ads. Keep an eye on the conversion rates to find which ads are most effective. These ads can be used to grow your email list.

Email newsletters to connect with customers

Newsletters have always been one of the most effective form of company promotion. In no other format can you directly address your customers at such length. But keep in mind that the shorter and punchier the email newsletter is, the more likely you are to get read. This gives you a forum to promote special deals or impart news about the industry or your company specifically.

Google My Business, Yahoo and Yelp Keep You In the Local Directories

There are many people who search specifically for local businesses and local search directories are the best way to do that. Make sure that your listing on these local directories are complete and up to date or you risk losing customers before you even begin. The information on the website should include all the pertinent information: your phone number, website, location, hours, and social media sites. Also consider adding pictures and reviews of your products to really draw in new customers.

Articles and Infographics Boost Your Profile

If you have information or research about your business at your disposal, you can use that information to create interesting new content that increases your visibility in the marketplace. You can post new articles on your own site or have them placed on other sites or in trade publications. Remember the importance of creative titles and dramatic pictures. Infographics need to have reliable, easily understood content. Creating your own content is an easy way to increase your brand’s visibility and raise your profile.

Finding marketing techniques you can do yourself saves you money and improves your profile, making you more visible and interesting to potential customers.