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Is your website working?

Is your website working?With more and more people turning to the web for information to help them make purchase decisions, it’s time to ask yourself: “Is my website working”?

And we don’t mean can people see it? Or has it crashed? We mean is it doing what it is meant to be doing and generating leads and sales?

If not, it’s time to give it a quick health check – a bit like a regular vehicle service.

It shouldn’t take long, so set aside a couple of minutes today to go through this list.

Do you have compelling calls to action?

Each page should have a call-to-action, whether it’s a “buy now” or “sign up to our newsletter for the latest tips and tricks”. It’s like leading the horse to water and making it drink. If you pages don’t have simple calls to action, you visitor doesn’t know what to do next. But remember, it often takes several visits before they are ready to move through the sales funnel.

Does it look good?

First impressions count, and no more than on the internet, where you have 8-10 seconds to impress a new visitor. That means your site needs to exude professionalism. Unfortunately a lot of free templates look, well, free. And if you website looks cheap, so do you. Quality WordPress templates are worth far more than they cost – which isn’t very much. And please, no animation.

Is it clear what your business is about?

This means good quality photos and engaging content that speaks to your target audience. And if you are selling online, make sure prices are clearly displayed and it is obvious how to purchase, without having to give too many personal details.

Do you have and monitor your analytics?

Google’s free analytics tool is a perfect way to see what works – and doesn’t work – on your website. There is no reason not to use it.

Are you marketing your site properly?

Websites are not like the Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will not come. You need to be marketing your site through such things as social media, online and traditional advertising, QR codes, SEO and so on.

This health check is a quick and easy way to see if your site needs some CPR or just a little paracetamol.

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There’s plenty to love about WordPress

Why you should use WordPressHere at Direct Sites Online, we are big fans of the WordPress open source content management system.

After all, it has not become one of the world’s most popular web publishing platforms by accident.

So why are we such big supporters of WordPress? Here’s four reasons we just can’t go past it for simple small business websites.

  • It’s so easy to install and use: Once you have a hosting plan set up, you can install WordPress in a single click, with little or no technical skills. And then it is so simple to tailor for your business – adding pages, blog posts, images and more with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface which means you don’t need to learn coding or HTML. And if you do want to learn how to go even further, the WordPress forums are packed with developers happy to share their knowledge.
  • It’s flexible: There are literally thousands of templates (themes) for you to download – from simple freebies to “premium” themes, which are extremely affordable (around $30-$60). Once your preferred them in installed, the intuitive admin panel means you can control the layout using both the them options, as well as “widgets” (for example links to social media sites, tag clouds, popular posts, calendar etc) and “plugins” (extra bits and bobs such as social sharing, author boxes, SEO packages, shopping carts and more)
  • It grows with you: All the above can be added to or taken away at any time as your business grows and develops. You can even add additional admins with varying levels of authority. So if you hire, for example, a person to update the blog, you could give them access to your blog only, rather than the whole site.
  • Google loves it: WordPress was developed with search engine optimisation in mind. It uses very clean code, which is great for download times, and has all sorts of other SEO-friendly features such as permalinks, tagging, comments and more. And, if that’s not enough, there is a myriad of SEO plugins to make optimisation even easier.

If you want a website that you can manage yourself, has great functionality and that is built for SEO, contact Direct Sites Online today on 9557 7623 or email