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10 ways to spam-proof your email marketing campaigns

E-newsletters are a vital part of any marketing campaign, but if you don’t do them properly, your valuable marketing message will be sent to spam folders, unopened.

It’s important to do what you can to ensure a high delivery rate – and thus a high response rate – and these 10 tips will help

Send your newsletters regularly: This way, subscribers know when to expect them. So if you offer a subscription via your website or social media page, then let people know you will send monthly, weekly or quarterly emails. And stick to it. In fact, if you can be as specific as “First Tuesday of the month, between 2 and 3pm, all the better. This way, the recipient is less likely to mark as spam.

Slow down delivery: A lot of email spam filters recognise “instant delivery”, especially when an email has also been cc’d in to every man and their dog. So use a reputable online e-mail service, such as Mailchimp or AWeber, or ensure your in-house newsletter software meets anti-spam standards.

Use a recognisable subject line: Try not to be too clever, but rather stick to the simple “Widget Co News” in the subject line. By all means add the highlights or the date, but only after the identifier.

Use today’s date in the content: If the date isn’t mentioned, or it’s wrong, email spam filters are more likely to mark your email as spam.

Limit graphics and complex HTML-elements: Newsletters with too many hyperlinks, graphics, closed tags and structural elements also tend to attract a high spam score. Not to mention the popular email software, such as Outlook, automatically blocks images. Instead attract attention with killer copy.

Encourage recipients to add you to their whitelist: It never hurts to ask. All they have to do if your email lands in their spam folder is to mark it as “not spam”.

Choose advertisers and partners wisely: If you do want to take advertising or promote partners in your newsletter, make sure they’re not dodgy, because a newsletter with a link to a black-listed website gets a whole lot of spam score points!.

Monitor recent subscribers: Look out for addresses such as “abuse@”, “nospam@”, “postmaster@”, “marketerspam@” and delete them.

Verify subscribers: Make sure your mailing list has a double “opt-in”, which means when someone subscribes, they will get an email asking them to verify their subscription. This keeps invalid email address off your list and ensures you don’t send a newsletter to someone who has not meant to subscribe.

Test your newsletters: There are various sites that will check the spam score of your newsletter, so take advantage of them.

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