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10 steps to quality Facebook “likes”

Unlike Field of Dreams, Facebook does not work by the motto “if you build it, they will come”. You need to put time and effort into growing your “likers” and turning them into leads, prospects and clients.

There are a lot of business on Facebook – some successful, some not. And the successful ones know that quality rules over quantity every time.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will start to see more leads coming through your Facebook page.

1/ Get a vanity Facebook URL: Ever wondered how some pages on Facebook have a URL that looks something like this “”? It’s actually pretty easy. Go to and you will see an option to give each of the pages you administer its own vanity URL (you used to have to have 25 likers for this to happen, but Facebook recently relaxed this rule). Choose a Vanity URL as close to your business name as possible. There are two good reasons to do this. One – it will be searchable on Google and other search engines, and two – it means you can “tag” your page (this will be explained later).

2/Have a welcome page: You may have seen some Facebook pages have a landing page that points to a special offer, or tells you a little bit about them. Business with customised “Welcome” pages give the impression that they do mean business. Direct Sites Online can help you design and upload a Facebook welcome page.

3/ Look for quality likes: There are approximately 6 gajillion pages on Facebook that offer “marches” or “silent tagging”. Basically this means that people run around “liking” other business pages in the hope that the business will like them back. It is not targeted, nor is it smart. Remember, if people don’t really care for your “thing” they can hide you from their newsfeed. So, you might have 1000 fans, but how many are actually taking notice of your thing? Instead try to network with like-minded pages, and let them know you are there. Likes will grow organically – it’s better to have 30 genuine likers than 1000s who don’t care.

4/Tag your page: When you “like” a relevant page’s wall, remember to post on their wall who you are and where you come from, and if you type your page name with an “@” symbol first, it will become a clickable link. But try to be a bit more original than “Hi from your newest liker blah blah blah”. Try something like “Hi from @yourbusinessname. This is a fantastic service/product you are offering, I particularly like your widget photos. Look forward to virtual networking you”. Hopefully they will drop by your page and like you back. And when you have built a relationship with these pages, make sure you occasionally post special deals, or great articles, on their walls too.

4/ Like your likers: If someone “likes” your page, do them the courtesy of “liking” their back. And post on their wall “Thanks for stopping by @yourbusinessname. Great to hear from a like-minded individual”. If you’re lucky, their other fans will see your post and drop by your page.

5/Post a status update: Seems obvious, doesn’t it, but you’d be surprised how many businesses on Facebook forget they also have a personal page with a number of friends. Every now and then (maybe monthly or so), post a status update along the lines of “Been busy with @yourbuinessname lately. Drop by and check out what I’ve been up to.”

6/ Promote via your website: Direct Sites Online can add a widget that allows people to “like” you Facebook page, without even leaving your website. Another widget allows page visitors to “like” a particular blog post or page, and this “like” will turn up in their newsfeed.

7/ Put your Facebook URL on your marketing material: This includes your shop window, business cards, flyers, email signatures – whatever platforms you use to promote your business.

8/ Don’t spam: The easiest way to get people to hide you from their newsfeed is if you constantly post irrelevant updates.  Promote your specials and share relevant content, such as blog posts from your website, links to articles about your thing, and questions that challenge your likers. This sets you up as a subject matter expert, and when one of your likers wants your thing, they will remember you as someone who was helpful and interesting. And if you are selling a product make sure you upload top quality pictures – and don’t share the album till there are all uploaded, there’s nothing worse than someone clogging a newsfeed with one picture after another. And you will get “unliked”.

9/ Don’t sweat the unlikes: Some people will go. Big deal, they probably weren’t a prospective customer anyway.

10/ Track and evaluate: Facebook has a great “insights” tool (you will see it on the right of your page) which will give you all sorts of statistics about what works and what doesn’t. Use it to develop further content.

Direct Sites Online can give you personalised advice on growing your Facebook likes and offers a social media strategy service. Contact us now on


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