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DSO News and BLOG articles

Welcome to our news and information blog pages. We love to share industry news and information related to you, our customers. If you would like us to focus on anything of interest to you, please feel free to ask. Most of the following article are written after receiving feedback and repeated questions or request for advice and help.

The 3 Social Media Analytic Tools You Need To Use

While social media usage can help you to grow your business. you will not be able to reach your true growth potential unless you are able to also use their readily available analytic tools. Making sense out of all the extra information can be difficult, so it is


4 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Business owners are constantly worrying about how to improve the conversion rate on their websites. It's true that the average conversion rate is less than 3%. Increasing this number is a great way to increase sales. But more traffic is never a bad thing, and it isn't


4 Ways to Boost Your E-Newsletter

Remember when e-newsletters first became popular and you thought you were cutting edge for switching over? Well your cutting edge newsletter is now outdated. If you haven't redesigned your template since starting out, you are long overdue for a new look. Here are 4 things

The Glory of the Internet Series - E-commerce

5 Tips for Successful Online Sales

Many people see selling online as a way to move their product without the overhead of a physical storefront. With online sales skyrocketing, there is obviously room in this growing market for more vendors. But it isn't quite as easy as opening a webpage and waiting for

Generate Leads Increase Traffic

5 Ways to Generate Leads and Increase Traffic

No matter what the size of your business is, you are always looking for ways to increase traffic to your site and generate more sales, right? Generating leads is very important, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five tried and true methods of increasing


SEO Vs SEM And The Pros And Cons

If getting the best results you can from your website is your top priority, then utilizing the most effective online marketing program is key. There are two key areas you should take into consideration when marketing your website. They are Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

socialmedia time management tips

Stop Being Overwhelmed By Social Media: Social Media Management Techniques

Social media is the default online hangout for most people, so those who are interested in growing their audience or customer base should seek their customers on social media. Unfortunately, too many small businesses aren’t familiar with all the different social media

DIY marketing techniques

DIY Marketing Techniques For Businesses

Marketing is essential to any business but working with consultants and external marketing agencies can be incredibly expensive. There are a few things you can do yourself to promote your business and increase your brand recognition. LinkedIn Showcase Page

best social network

Pick The Perfect Social Media Site For Your Business

Everyone is on social media sites these days. Your old high school pals, your siblings and cousins, your kids, even grandma has an online profile. It only makes sense to get your business on these sites too. If you are a business owner you are likely researching new

infographics promotion

Engage Your Audience With Excellent Infographics

The demand for infographics is rising and it's no wonder. Even just one infographic on your website delivers lots of information is an easy to remember format. Infographics are also an easy way to share information on social media sites. Most people process information

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  • We have been using the services of Direct Sites Online for well over 10 years and can recommend them highly. We are an Australian based national company, and have multiple web sites designed and marketed by them. We have always appreciated their attentive support, first rate web site designs and can confirm our business has grown significantly thanks to the SEO and online marketing consistently delivered by Direct Sites Online.

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